Tuesday, July 18, 2017

WESTMAN VILLAGE - Augusta, Maine

This project is listed as low income and is located on Littlefield Street, a dead end street built for the housing project.  It lists 30 apartments, with 21 of them being section 8 apartments.  From the project you are about a twenty minute walk from the State House, the Maine State Library and the Maine genealogy archives room, about a 30 minute walk to K Mart, Wendy's, the post office and dunkin donuts.  The project is surrounded by tree's and has a county feel for being located in the city.  The Hallowell town line is not far from the project and it is about a 20 minute walk to downtown Hallowell  - a town best known for its old book shops and antique shops.

Westman Village Apartments, Augusta, Maine

Years ago buses did not service the project, I don't know if that has changed.  Units are two bedrooms and they do limit the number of people living in each unit to four.  Living rooms are large, as is the Kitchens.  Front door opens into the living room, rear door is located in the kitchen.  Each apartment has a large storage shed behind the apartment, you have to place your own lock on it.  Lawns are mowed by the housing and parking lots and walkways are done by the housing.  Repairs, when needed, are done fairly quickly.  One thing you might find useful, these units are upstairs and downstairs, with two bedrooms and a large bathroom being on the second floor, no ground floor bathrooms.  Kitchen is large enough for a table and chairs.  The housing also has outside cloths lines in place, each set of cloths lines is shared by two units.
There is an on site coin operated laundry room located near the center of the project, and a large playground for children.  Years ago they had talked about placing a high fence around the project, I don't know if that was ever done.  Apartments were electric heat, you need to look into that because the last time we drove by the project they had large LP gas tanks next to the apartments which were not there when we lived there.  Walls are pretty well insulated so you don't notice hardly any sounds from the apartment next to you.

managed by: Barkan Management Company Inc
 Address: 3 Littlefield St, Augusta, Maine 04330
 Call (617) 482-5500 for more information.

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