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Birchwood Apartments is a housing project located in the village of Bass Harbor, Maine.  Bass Harbor is located along route 102 A and is one of the villages that make up Tremont, Maine.  The grounds of the project are well kept up, with the entrance to the project being located directly across from the Bass Harbor Post Office.  Mail, at least for the family units is delivered to post office boxes which you have to rent at the Post Office for a small fee.
All washer and dryers are coin operated and housing comes by about every other month to collect coins.  Machines are located in the large Laundry room, and each family unit has its own coin operated machines.
map of Birchwood Apartments, Bass Harbor Maine

Parking lots are plowed  by the housing authority and rent includes heat.  Apartments have wall to wall carpets with large closets.  The living rooms in each unit have large picture windows, but none of the family units have back doors, though the large windows do swing open if you need to get out through the back.
Birchwood Apartments, Bass Harbor Maine - building A on map

There is a store about a twenty minute walk up the road that sells food items, pizza, gas, subs, and such, and about a 30 minute walk up the road is Gott's, another store that sells gas, pizza, subs,  food items and such.
Birchwood Apartments, Bass Harbor Maine  - building B on map

A much larger Surefine food mart is located in nearby Southwest Harbor and a Shop and Save supermarket is located in Bar Harbor.
Taxi service is available and if you don't have a car the housing does provide a service to get you to the food stores or other appointments for something like $25 per hour.
Birchwood Apartments, Tremont Maine  rear view of building B

The Bass Harbor campground is just up the road along route 102 A, and the Bass Harbor Lighthouse is also nearby, as is the Ship Harbor Nature Trail and Wonderland in Acadia National Park.  Wonderland is an old fire road leading to a beach.
Birchwood Apartments - Bass Harbor Maine - buildings C and D on map

The Seawall picnic area as well as the Seawall Campground in Acadia National Park is a short drive away as well.  The Bass Harbor Lighthouse is just beyond the bass Harbor Campground at the end of the Lighthouse Road.
Birchwood Apartments, Tremont, Bass Harbor Maine - front view building F on map

The ocean is a short walk away as is the Swans Island ferry.  About a five minute walk away is the Bass Harbor Baptist Church.  This is a very quiet housing project surrounded by woods and rent is based on 30 percent of your income, which isn't too bad considering it includes heat.  Library's include the Bernard Library, recently expanded and offering computer access and wifi, just down the road in Bernard, and the Southwest Harbor Library, with a computer room and wifi.
Birchwood Apartments - Bass Harbor Maine - rear view building F on map

About the only drawback to living here is if you don't have a car.  Families do live here without a car and rely on one another to get errands done.  From late June to mid October transportation is not a problem as the free Island Explorer buses pass by the project about every half hour.  They will take you into southwest Harbor and Bar Harbor for free and run late into the evening.
Bass Harbor Post Office, Tremont Maine

The island also has a volunteer rider program set up for those who are elderly or handicap - you call their office and they set you up with a free ride to an appointment or shopping trip.  The program is called Island Connections.
Birchwood Apartments, Bass Harbor Maine - building F on map as seen from building B.

There is a  school nearby as well as an ice cream stand and a couple places to eat out at. 
This is called the quiet side of the island for a reason and this is a very quiet project, we lived there for three years.  Winters are long and the local libraries see a lot of traffic with planned events going on throughout the winter months.  This by far was one of the better projects I've lived in over the years.
Map of Bass Harbor Maine

Swans Island Ferry - Bass Harbor Maine

Bass Harbor, Tremont Maine

Bass Harbor Ferry, Tremont Maine

Bass Harbor Village - Tremont, Maine

Bass Harbor Lighthouse - Acadia National Park, Bass Harbor Maine

Project managed by the Bar Harbor Housing authority

Tremont Housing Authority
Birchwood Lane
Bass Harbor, Hancock County, ME


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